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2 Simple Tips To Instantly Maximize The Value of Your Content

We know how overwhelming social media can be and how daunting the task of (constantly) creating new content feels. ⁣⁣


I mean, everywhere you turn you hear...⁣⁣

⚡content is king⁣⁣

⚡consistency is key ⁣⁣

⚡quality over quantity ⁣⁣


But how can you be expected to consistently create new, engaging, quality content that your audience will love consuming time and time again? ⁣⁣


Does all of this sound virtually impossible on top of your already never-ending to-do list? ⁣⁣


Well, it doesn't have to be. No, we're not crazy, let us tell you what we mean:⁣⁣


🌱 Tip 01. Start by creating content that has a long shelf life.

While trending topics are a great traffic booster, when done right evergreen content will create far better results for you. Evergreen content centers around topics that have a high search volume & demonstrate consistent interest. This type of content can be widely shared & reposted and brings in organic traffic. It represents the type of content that people bookmark and come back to later because it is so relevant & useful month after month. ⁣⁣


♻️ Tip 02. Instead of constantly creating content, make sufficient use of what you have already created.

You can re-purpose and share your creatives on other social platform and increase your reach. An Instragram post can easily be turned into a pin for your Pinterest. That blog post you created? Share it on LinkedIn and use it for a future email blast. Slideshows can easily become infographics and podcasts can be transcribed into blog posts... you get the point. ⁣⁣


Instead of focusing on creating MORE content, shift your focus to think about how you can leverage the content you've already created. After all, content is not valuable unless customers are aware of it and are engaged with the material. ⁣⁣


Save time and create content that stays relevant over multiple platforms. Tag a friend who needs to hear this! 💬


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