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Why a badly designed website is hurting your business

You have business and you're very good at what you do. And like every other business, you also have a website. But is your website designed for success?

Maybe your site was designed a few years ago and it hasn’t been updated since.

Maybe you started your website with the intention of changing/improving it later on but you never got around to it. Or perhaps you decided that instead of paying a professional web design agency that you would just take a crack at it yourself.

You may think your website is ‘good enough' but here’s the harsh truth: a badly designed website is worse than no website at all.

How can that be?

Let’s picture this for a moment, a prospective client needs your services and they have even heard about your business. They open their browser and before contacting you, as most do, they decide to visit your website.

And then nothing happens. Why? Because your badly designed website turned them away.

Here is what a potential client thinks of a business when they stumble upon a badly designed website:

  • You’re not professional

A badly designed website undermines your credibility. It makes people think that you don’t care enough about what you do to invest time and resources into creating a good website.

  • The quality of your goods and services is lacking

If your website is not up to par with a client’s expectations, they will take their business elsewhere. Your website is supposed to establish trust and credibility and instead it’s doing the opposite, it creates doubt and uncertainty about you and your business.

  • The competition look great

When a potential lead lands on you website and clicks the back button right away where do you think they’re going? They’ll be searching google for your competition. If your competition has a better website with clear, easy-to-find answers to the most common questions that searchers are looking for, you’ve lost that potential customer.

We’ve explored some of the ways a badly designed website is affecting your business. There are some other factors to consider though, such as slow website speed or poor user experience. Nowadays there are a myriad of online tools to help you design a better website, so there is no excuse to continue on with your outdated one.

If you need help or you don’t know where to begin we would be glad to help you build a website specifically designed to bring you more traffic and attract customers online.

Contact us for a free 15 minute consultation today.

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