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5 Copy-Writing Mistakes to Avoid on Your Coaching Website

Is one of the tasks on your to do list to write your website copy? You’ll want to keep reading 👇

If you’re like one of millions of boss babe coaches bootstrapping their way to success, you’re probably writing your first round of website copy yourself.

We know what it’s like - and we’re here to help you with the process. We have quite a few posts on this subject so if you’re new to this page do go back and look, but be sure to stay clear of these


01. Listing features instead of relating transformations 📝

The difference?

Transformations are emotional, features are rational.

While successful coaching outcomes are sometimes difficult to qualify in layman terms, let your visitors get a glimpse of the transformation your prior clients experienced. Coaching will always appeal to the emotional side of the individual seeking the transformation, so make it clear and easy to find.

02. Addressing a broad, undefined audience 🌎

Do you know who you’re really speaking to?

Many of our clients are afraid to narrow their audience because they want to help everyone, not necessarily out of lack of focus, but more so out of goodwill. The wellness industry is home to some of the most emphatic people that strive to do good, we understand!

But by writing marketing messages geared towards everyone, we often end up reaching no one at all. Instead focus on your ideal customer and write all messaging for their consumption.

03. Frequently switching between pronouns 🤼

Does this small oversight really irritate the reader? It does.

We are not all trained in communications so this minor mistake can happen if you haven’t narrated a written story in a while. While you fully understand what you’re trying to communicate, your readers are discovering the story sentence by sentence. Frequent or inadequate use of pronouns require visitors to stop and investigate what these words mean.

This is easily avoidable by editing your copy several times and asking those around you, especially those particularly good with language, to revise your content for you.

04. Oversharing 📣

Are you an oversharer?

The world of social media encourages us to overshare and some information about you is vital for connecting with potential customers but be careful not to over do it. At the end of the day, this is a business setting so it’s important to show up with a certain level of professionalism.

Many coaches choose their career paths because of a personal life-changing event, so this becomes part of their success story. Although personal, this message can still be conveyed by eliminating redundant or unnecessary details.

05. No clear call-to-action 🙊

What do you want your readers to do after all?

Every page should have a clear call to action, whether that’s asking your visitor to register, read more or book a call. Ask visitors to do something specific and give them clear means of doing so.

Sometimes our clients want to use less standard terms for their call to action ( ex: “experience the transformation” instead of “sign up now”) If you choose to employ the same technique in your communication, choose a term that speaks to your audience and is still directive.

Are you besties with other women entrepreneurs? Save them from making these common copywriting mistakes by sending them this post! 💌

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