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5 Simple Ways to Refresh a Stale Business

Is your business feeling a little stale? 🙁

We get it! In fact, we actually redesigned our own website not once, but twice ✌️ this year! We first did it because we narrowed down our niche and hadn’t done a refresh in almost 2 years. The second time we wanted to further align our messaging to our target audience.

If you’ve been stumbling from one month to the next and haven’t had a chance to give your business some TLC, here 5 simple ways you could do so in the month of December.

1️⃣⇢ Edit your website copy to reflect the changes this year has brought to the way you serve your customer

2️⃣⇢ Update your visual presence with a photoshoot and support your local photographer in times of need

3️⃣⇢ Kindly ask your latest customers for testimonials and showcase these transformations on your site

4️⃣⇢ Evaluate the efficiency of your social media content strategy, and plan for further alignment in the new year

5️⃣⇢ Implement newly identified customer pain points into your service offer so that your clients feel heard and taken care of

These are just a few ways that you could refresh your business - but we encourage you to sit down and think about how you’d like to move forward and grow in the coming year.

What have you done differently this year and how has it affected your business? We’d love to know! Tell us on our IG page @byhabitatsociety


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