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5 Small Business Apps for New Coaches

Let's talk about productivity! How are you managing to stay productive lately? If you ever had one of those "where did the day go?" feelings then this post is for you! ⠀

We want to share with you 5 of our favorite apps that help us get everything done! ⠀

⚡ 01 ASANA - For when you need structure & organization⠀

Asana is a free, cloud-based project management tool, perfect for keeping your projects in sync and keeping track of progress on assignments, deadlines, checklists, you name it. We use Asana for all of our client workflows and we have seen an increase in productivity. I personally also love the apps ux design, very intuitive & user friendly⠀

⚡ 02 DROPBOX - For when you need to share ⠀

Another tool we use regularly, Dropbox is the perfect alternative to sending bulky emails with attachments. We tend to organize a dropbox folder to share files with our clients. Clients love this because everything is neatly organized, and the files are accessible for revisions at all times.⠀

⚡ 03 CANVA - For when you need to create ⠀

I (Vanessa) use Canva for quick designs like the secondary pages of our insta posts but as a designer, Amanda spends most of her time on Adobe programs. I find Canva to be a very useful tool for a small business owner that because it's completely, free & cloud-based and it allows you to create good-looking graphics. ⠀

⚡ 04 EVERNOTE - For when you need to write it down, quickly⠀

Evernote is the perfect app for ideas come and go quickly. Use it to store random notes, captions, grocery lists, anything really. ⠀

⚡ 05 PLANN - For when you need a schedule ⠀

If you're looking for an all-in-one social media planning tool to manage your Instagram, this is the answer. Organize your images into the perfect grid, add captions, add saved hashtags and save it for a schedule notification.⠀


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