• Vanessa B. | Wellness Website Designer

5 Types of Content You Should Share on Your Instagram to Attract Clients

Are you confused as to what type of content your service-based business can share on Instagram? You’re not alone!⁣⁣


Many service business owners experience anxiety and confusion when it comes to constantly creating content for their feed. Unlike products, which are tangible and material, your clients are probably paying in advance for something that doesn’t exist yet.

On Instagram then, you must develop a clear offer around your service, so it becomes something that a dream client can wrap their mind around.

The worst thing you can do with a service is leave it vague.


But fear not (!) there are *tons* of ways for you to turn your service offer into a tangible experience on social! In this post, we explore a couple of ideas that are bound to get you out of your content creation slump and in front of the eyes of your dream client.

01. Laser-focus on SHOWING YOUR EXPERTISE👩‍⚖️⁣⁣

It’s no secret that people follow brands whose content they find valuable.

Showing experience & knowledge will not only make your content more engaging, it will also elevate you to expert status over time in the eyes of your audience.

This way, you become their go-to resource for easy-to-follow advice which increases your like factor ten-fold. ⁣⁣

02. MOTIVATE & show the TRANSFORMATION that is possible ✨⁣⁣


Are you saving your client testimonials? Use them!

There is no better way to show your past successes than sharing your clients' stories, and the transformation they’ve undergone by working with you. ⁣⁣


03. INSPIRE through quotes, thoughts & positive affirmations 💭⁣⁣

Quotes still remain some of the most engaging types of content on Instagram, so use them in your strategy.

Clearly understanding your audience can give you insight into what type of quote, affirmation, or thought stream they would resonate with. ⁣⁣