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Does my small business really need a website?

"Does my small business really need a website?" is a question that we get asked frequently by business owners. Most of them want to know whether a website is worth the investment for their small business. The short and simple answer is YES. A bold, italic, capitalized yes! A professional website will up-level your business like nothing else. Despite websites being around for over 25 years, many small business owners still believe their business doesn’t need a website, whether they believe it’s not required for their specific industry, or because they use social media instead. In this article we’re going to explore specific reasons why your small business should have its own website. 01. It’s

Top five reasons why we love WIX

01. Creativity Over the years we have tested many drag-and-drop websites builders. While a lot of them have attractive features we find that WIX offers a good balance of creative liberty and solid working back-end development. The team at WIX understands that no two businesses are alike, allowing its user-base to start with a blank canvas and create a website tailored specifically to their needs. 02. Support Another reason why we love and recommend using WIX is for their unmatched 24/7 support. Because WIX is an all-encompassing development platform you can rest assured that the professional technicians will be able to assist you with any problem you may encounter. However, if our team buil

How should you structure your new website?

Creating a new website can be a daunting task, especially when you don’t know where to begin. You might have an idea of what message you want to communicate, (heck you’re an expert at doing what you do), but thinking about the different ways to group your pages, content or navigation can become quite complex. Today we’re going to explore an easy way to organize the structure of your new website so that your customers can find the information they need, in a logical, intuitive way. What you need to know Information Architecture: Information architecture (IA), the method though which you can organize, structure and label your content in order to help visitors (users) find information or comple

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