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Caption writing: How to write captions that people actually want to read

Do you dread caption writing? 😨⁣

We feel you! Truth be told, caption copy writing is usually the most common roadblock our clients encounter when trying to grow their Instagram. It’s common to get stuck editing and rewriting a caption for hours which takes time away from more important matters.⁣

It doesn’t have to be this way! ⁣

We’ve written our fair share of captions for ourselves and our clients and here’s our best advice when it comes to caption copywriting✍️. Stick to these guidelines and the process will become much easier I promise. ⁣

─── Start with a question - a good way to create intrigue and get someone to stop scrolling is by opening with a question regarding your audience’s pain point⁣

─── Add emojis and/or symbols - take this advice with a grain of salt. Seriously. Emojis add a casual flair and symbols create visual interest, but overdoing it doesn’t look good⁣

─── Provide context or backstory - use the caption to expand on what’s presented in the photo or what it represents. Speak authentically so you can form a genuine connection with your audience ⁣

─── Add line breaks - like breaks makes the text easier to read and is essential when writing long-form captions⁣

─── End with a question - encourage your audience to engage with you by asking them to comment. This helps you start a conversation and improves your overall engagement. ⁣

From your observation what has been your biggest barrier to your success on social media? Tell us on Instagram & we’ll tackle it in our future posts. ⁣☝️

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