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Font Psychology - What Your Typeface Says About Your Business

You may have heard about colour psychology, (or seen our post on it) but did you know that there’s also a psychology behind the fonts we use? ⠀

Similar to how colours have inherit meanings, fonts also have their own unique characteristics that define them.⠀

Here is a quick summary of each font category:⠀


Serif fonts are the most traditional and widely used, intended to promote a feeling of class and heritage. They're perfect for when you want to create an established look. You can tell a serif font apart by the little embellishments that linger on the ends of the letters which give the type a more traditional appearance.⠀


On the other hand, sans serif fonts lack those embellishments and are generally more straightforward and simple with a no-nonsense attitude.⠀


Script fonts are generally more elegant and inspire ideas of femininity, sophistication, and creativity.⠀


Meant to grab your attention, decorative fonts stand out with their boldness. Often associated with brands that want to showcase their unique personality.

What does your font say about your business? 💬

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