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Form is a forward-thinking furniture showroom located in Old Ottawa South whose mission is to offer high quality, contemporary and customizable furniture. Serving a high-end market, Form was in need of a brand image that evoked excellence & sophistication.




The guiding principle behind the brand is that “form follows function” through which the company strives to bring customers practical furniture designs that best fulfill their intended purpose. The principle ‘form follows function’ was popularized during the rise of modernist architecture, and is well known for its use of rectangular forms. Rectangles tend to maximize space and are thus highly functional. With that in mind, we designed a logo that followed a rectangular “stacked” narrative.  The stacked design, paired with sleek furniture silhouettes and a regal green backdrop form a logo that embodies the philosophy  while exuding understated elegance.  

iconography - color 

Completed logo




When creating the identity behind Form, we were tasked with marketing to a high-end consumer, whilst developing  a strong visual identity that will stand the test of time. It was essential for the brand image to communicate refinement and reflect the high quality, locally produced furnishings that Form was offering. Dark green was chosen as the principal color as it suggests balance, stability and organic nature, all things closely aligned with the company’s value proposition.   The polished color palette paired with a modern type and refined web presence together created the sophisticated and stately corporate image that is Form.


web design

As an extension of the its physical location, cohesiveness was a key component when designing the website for Form. An uncluttered site allows customers to browse without distractions, giving prominence to the furniture pieces themselves. Due to limitations imposed by suppliers and custom options, the owner opted out of displaying prices, however we navigated this issue by supplying ample product information as well as a chat box for fast inquiry response. The design was kept clean and modern to allow users to easily navigate the site and access their desired pages.


collateral marketing material 

Coffee table books were the inspiration for Form’s first catalog. We wanted to create a promotional item which customers would display and flip through time and time again. We curated an elite collection of the brands  pieces which were specifically geared towards our target market.  The pieces were displayed along with an eloquent description, positioning the company as a lifestyle brand.  Through effective product selection and contemporary format design, we created a stylish and poignant inaugural catalog.

Furthermore, we  designed the product tags for each furniture piece in the showroom. Keeping the format simple, we created a minimalistic tag the featured the vertical logo on one side and the product description written on the backside in a tasteful typewriter font . The look was kept simple to once again exude our ‘form follows function’ philosophy, with the goal of not drawing attention away from the furniture pieces.


visual merchandising

The physical design of the showroom was of the utmost importance, as it needed to captivate clients and appeal to interior designers in order to produce repeat sales. When tasked with space planning and decorating the 3000 SqFt showroom we felt that creating mock apartments and compartmentalized ‘rooms’ would work best in displaying a variety of products together.  We were adamant about creating a proper flow throughout the space, in order to facilitate the feeling of walking through various stylized apartments, each section curated to appeal to different tastes.  Once the prominent pieces were in place, we navigated the collections of Forms suppliers to select the perfect complementary lighting, rugs, and other decor items to dress up each section and create a comfortable, homey feeling for their clients.

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