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How to Get Back Into Flow When You're Out of Alignment

Wellness woman, have you noticed how your desires cannot be manifested if you are out of alignment, regardless of your level of awareness?

We ask you today, do you still feel aligned with your highest purpose? 🕊️

Before you can answer that, let us first establish what it mean to be in alignment. When all the components of your life are in alignment, you are in flow.

Your body, your mind and your soul are aligned. You feel inspired, joyful and light. You have clarity, meaning and purpose.

Most importantly, you are from moment to moment focused on doing what is meaningful for you and for the world .

While that may be a loaded question, we should ask ourselves regularly if we’re truly living our divine purpose.

If the answer is “I’m not sure”, “not really” or a flat out “no”, it’s time to course correct. 🚢

If you don’t know exactly how to do that, check out our roadmap below ⇣

⇢ Change your PERSPECTIVE 👁️

Life is but a series of lessons, and thus there’s wisdom to be found in struggle. It doesn’t matter if you’re struggling in your personal or professional life, lessons are everywhere.

Remember that your external reality is mirroring your internal state of mind, so change doesn't not need to happen far from home.

This process of altering the way you feel about your reality can sometimes be intense so it should always be handled with self love and compassion.

⇢ Listen to your INTUITION 😇

Get more in tune with your intuition by noticing the nudges to do something and take an action that feels good.

Let your intuition be your guide as you find your way back to your highest purpose.

You can learn to navigate life by paying close attention to your inner guidance, and then aligning your actions, thoughts, and feelings accordingly.

Intuition is the most powerful tool that you have to create the life of your dreams, and it’s a skill that can be learned through practice.

⇢ Treat the PRESENT as such 🎁

Your current state of mind is the key to connecting with your highest purpose.

Realize that the only time we truly have is the now - yet strangely enough, most of our worries, doubts and fears live in either the past or the future.

Rid yourself of these attachments once and for all and you will realize that there is infinite abundance and possibility in the now.

⇢ Last but not least BE GRATEFUL

Nothing can magnify your awareness of the present moment like gratitude.

Truth be told, there’s no one single formula to realign yourself, as each of us are on an individual journey of discovery.

One thing we can all agree on though is that perfection is not the goal, AWARENESS is. 🧿 Being fully aware of when we’re out of alignment allows us to make intuitive decisions and stop the fear based actions we all fall prey to sometimes.

Above all, awareness will opens you to the abundance and show you the potential that is around at all times, which makes it easier to live in harmony with your highest purpose.

What to you do when you're out of alignment, wellness woman? Tell us @byhabitatsociety

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