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How to Achieve Brand Consistency

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How to achieve brand consistency - Habitat Society Wellness Branding Agency

When it comes to new entrepreneurs, achieving consistency is not always as clear-cut as it sounds. Starting a business is for many a brand new experience with a steep learning curve and long hours spent managing and stepping up in a multitude of roles.

Exhausting am'i right?

We've been there🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️

During this growth period, we're bound to try different methods, explore many channels (maybe hire a va?) and see what suits us and best. It's only natural that in this fast-paced stretch, consistency is not top priority. For this reason, when it does become important, many forget it on the back burner thinking that it will come naturally, eventually, with time. hopefully 🤷‍♀️


Table of Contents:


Brand consistency sounds pretty straight forward- that is to deliver your values, visuals and brand messaging strategically and with regularity over a period of time - achieving this end isn't always as clear cut.

The reason for the confusion is because as new entrepreneur's, we don't really know when it's time to start being consistent, what should we really be consistent with and we underestimate the impact that this subliminal cue has on our target audience.

Why Consistency Matters

Consistency is important because it not only emphasizes harmony, it is also extremely intuitive. Beyond that, it creates a subconscious link between your brand visuals, the messaging they transmit and the feeling that this combination stimulate in the mind of the perceiver.

You know how we take the time to write & repeat our affirmations many days, weeks and months at a time?

Because of the way humans learn and associate messages, we must use repetition in order to become aware of the message that's being transmitted.

Think about the way we practice manifesting our reality: we first perceive a thought, then we associate that thought with a mental image, then we strengthen it with a feeling and finally we go back to it repeatedly until we bring it into existence.

Exposing our audience to consistent branding work in the same way.

Repetition allows your customer to understand your brand core values, absorb its messaging quicker and remember the feelings the have associated with your brand more easily,

They begin to recognize it subconsciously and it impacts their motivation to act in the way your brand inspired them to.

When it's time to get consistent

While it's never too early to strive to achieve steady messaging and visuals in your brand, becoming really clear of your mission, who your dream clients are, what problems you solve and what difference you're making can really make a difference in the quality of your brand.

Be really sure that the brand & business you're building are what you want to express, otherwise changing later can have an impact on how your customer perceives your brand and can confuse them. We always suggest being in business and working with customers at least 6 months before you get in touch with a designer to work on your brand.

In the meantime, try new things and see what your audience has to say first hand. You'll learn what attracts them, what they respond to and what messages, phrases, motivators resonate with them. Most importantly, use this time to learn about yourself and how you want to be represented.

How to create and maintain brand consistency:

Achieving brand consistency is easy when you work within a predefined framework. A good brand designer will ask you about your audience demographics, a great designer will make you think about what transformations you truly provide in order to uncover what really makes your customers tick.

Use this information to:

✘ Determine your brand voice and use it in all communications so that your audience can grow to know it well. Your brand voice is part of the reason why you are different from your competition, so make it a deliberate intention to communicate accordingly. ⁣

✘ Appear online intentionally, instead of posting just because. Your efforts will reflect in the quality of the content you produce. Always think quality over quantity.

✘ Work with a designer to create on-brand content. Of course, not all the material you put out needs to designer made. For many mundane tasks, a va or personal assistant can help you stay on brand by following pre-defined brand guidelines to create content.

For e-books, launches, welcome gifts and website updates however, we recommend a designer. A good designer will be able to grasp the essence of your brand and visually translate it to a wider audience. Beyond that, a skilled designer is trained in visual aesthetics and their psychology and can really elevate your brand efforts, while saving you time.

Brand consistency is desirable because it cues your audience to your message, making it recognizable & distinguishable in a sea of other brands. A brand that is consistent with its efforts, be it in marketing, the quality of the services it provides, or any other aspect, will gain a following and a reputation much quicker than a brand that shows up haphazardly.⁣

Last but not least, we’ve said it before BUT it’s of paramount importance that you always follow your brand guidelines. You will create a much more intuitive brand experience and your audience will be loyal and thankful (and so will your bottom line!)⁣

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