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How to Combat Entrepreneurial Burnout

If you’re feeling burnt out —this is for YOU.

Let’s face it, the past months have thrown us all for a loop! 😵

This blog isn’t about websites, or branding or graphic design. Instead of our usual tips, we thought this time we'd take the opportunity to talk a little bit about entrepreneurial burnout.

“Entrepreneurial” because it's a special kind of burnout only us self-starters get the pleasure of experiencing. 😅 Yes, you read that right and evidence suggests that entrepreneurs are at a higher risk of burnout because they tend to be extremely passionate about work ✔ more socially isolated ✔ and operate in high uncertainty ✔.

So what to do when faced with burnout?

─── Step 1. Recognize the signs

The key signs of burnout include: forgetfulness, losing sight of yourself and your goals, difficulty maintaining relationships, frustration, pain, fatigue, insomnia etc.

I know this sounds like a regular day in 2021 but stay with us.

─── Step 2. Find the source of the burnout

It’s tough to make changes for the better when you don’t know what needs to change. Exploring contributing factors of stress at work can help shed some light on what exactly makes you feel so exhausted. Meditation can help with this step greatly.

─── Step 3. Identify immediate changes you can make

Taking a break is a good start but do spend time thinking of long-term solutions that you can implement in your life in order to avoid future breakdowns. Also, try accepting that doing it all yourself isn’t realistic, and that in reality, we’re here for the journey, not the destination.

─── Step 4. Take back control

Take control by prioritizing, delegating and being firm about your own individual needs.

Ladies, we are more than our work, but our work is nothing without us. Understanding that passion is a double-edged sword can help us monitor our work behaviours and will prevent burnout from hurting our careers.

Take a moment to BREATHE 🧘‍♀️ and follow along with our easy meditation below.


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