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How to Create an Authentic Personal Brand

Do you really need to create a personal brand to back up your business?

We think yes.

By having a personal brand you can:

  • Control your digital image

  • Highlight your expertise

  • Stand out from your competition

  • Charge a premium

  • Attract your ideal audience

But how do you create a personal brand that is authentically you AND works for your business?

Based on the knowledge we’ve gain by working closely with women that build brands, we’ve put together this handy roadmap 👇

Step 1 ~ Determine who you are

Building a thriving personal brand starts with introspection. In an overcrowded market, self-knowledge is a must-have if you want to create a lasting impact with your brand. Along with confidence, there are other reasons to know yourself, such as the increased capacity for self-love, independence and clear-decision making.

All of the women we’ve worked with that have created influential brands have one thing in common, they know who they truly are, what they deserve and that they have the ability to achieve their dreams.

Step 2 ~ Determine your values

Having well-defined values will help you develop a clear sense of purpose and direction for your brand.

The educated consumer of today will always choose a brand whose values align with their own over a brand that stays neutral. People are constantly looking for connections and it’s important for your personal brand to give them something that they can relate to and identify with.

Knowing your values will help you understand your target audience and niche better. Your brand values also help you determine the strategy behind your future marketing communications, helping you shape the culture and community of your brand and ensuring that you connect with your customers in a meaningful way.

Step 3 ~ Identify your target audience, and research them in depth

Finding your niche and understanding your audience is crucial in order to provide your fans & followers with the most value possible. Go beyond superficial demographics and truly strive to understand your audiences desires and struggles. Write out a list with their personal goals, their personal challenges and their lifestyle habits.

This psychographic information will later serve you in crafting your messaging and content strategy.

Step 4 ~Find common ground between you and your audience

Now that you know who you are, you’ve determined your brand values and you’ve researched your audience, it’s time to put it all together.

Look at the information you’ve gathered and match your audience’s values with your brand’s values. Think about the audience’s personal struggles, compare them with your values and find a form of content that you think will resonate with them.

Content can be either educational, inspirational, humorous or relatable in some way.

Step 5 ~Embody the transformation your audience seeks to receive

To create a strong and influential personal brand you must show yourself as the ideal you in order to convey a lifestyle to aspire to.

Personal brand marketing is about finding out what kind of person your fan wants to be and then giving them the tools they need to get closer to where you are.

Consistently showing up like this will inspire your audience which in time, will teach them to associate your brand with the positive feelings in your messaging. By positioning your personal brand as an ideal to strive for, you encourage your community to take action and become the best versions of themselves.

Step 6 ~Connect with other thought leaders, attend events and communicate with your community

As your personal brand grows, seek opportunities to work with other influential individuals within your niche. This will show your connections and reputation and further also demonstrate your expertise.

To gain even more visibility for your brand, don’t forget to spend time attending events to mingle and to keep an open line of communication with your audience and other brands.

Step 7 ~Continue to grow

As your business grows, it’s inevitable that your passions evolve and your goals change but this is why you created a personal brand. When you get to this step you’ll most likely have an engaged audience of fans that are willing to support you in whatever you decide to do next. Take this opportunity to expand your influence through other business ventures.

Creating a personal brand requires as much work as any other brand but the potential for payoff cannot be understated. The key to success is to remember that you’re not trying to associate yourself with what your audience already is, so much as what they’d like to achieve.

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