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How to Create an On-Brand Instagram Feed in 4 Steps

If you want your brand to be recognizable in the digital world, you have to start by thinking about your social media aesthetic. An on brand feed makes you look professional, successful and most importantly, trustworthy.

The colors, layout, message, and overall feeling of your Instagram contribute to an aesthetic that can either gain you a new followers and clients—or send them running. In this post, we share our 4 step roadmap to level up your visual branding and attract dream clients & get you closer to that dreamy on-brand aesthetic ☁️

💕Step 1 - Clarify your brand message

Without clicking on a single post, your Instagram feed aesthetic gives your audience a sense of who you are and what makes your brand stand out. Take a bird's eye view at your brands visual identity and ensure that it expresses the right message

💕Step 2 - Fonts & colors matter

Your brand colors and fonts are your best friends on instagram as they help you create a unique aesthetic for your brand. There is a psychology behind the colors and fonts we use, and we talked about this on our page before. If you already worked with a designer to build your brand, use your pre-established brand guidelines when creating new content.

💕Step 3 - Maintain a constant visual aesthetic

You want your feed to convey a mood and to achieve that you must curate your Instagram photos to enhance your visual branding. You don’t have to take ALL your pictures yourself to achieve this. There are many sites that offer free hi-res photography & video for you to use - the key is to be intentional when selecting (or taking) your pictures.

💕Step 4 - Plan ahead

Now that you’re clear on your brand message and you know what vibe you’re trying to create, it’s time to plan out your Instagram feed. You want your Instagram page to look thoughtful and professional, and planning it out carefully is the way to do that. Skip the sporadic posting and instead plan your feed 12-15 posts at a time.

Your Instagram aesthetic is the first thing potential customers will notice when they check out your brand’s profile so make sure you’re transmitting the right message with your visuals.

Do you have any questions about curating an on-brand feed? shoot us a DM 💌


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