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How to Drive Brand Growth - 6 Strategies you'll want to steal

If you’re reading this, you’re probably trying to grow your brand on social media. Overwhelmed? Don’t be! Just like when trying to scale anything of importance, mindset and showing up is more than half the battle! ⁣

For the remaining 45% of the work, follow this no BS checklist: ⁣

⤑ Choose where you appear ⁣

Avoid taking on too much work by trying to be present on every social channel out there. This may go against mainstream advice but we believe that concentrating your efforts on just the channels your audience uses is key to long-term growth. ⁣

⤑ Keep it fresh ⁣

One best practice for creating new posts is sticking to interesting & new topics in your chosen industry. Supplying fresh content fast will make you appear as an authority figure. ⁣

⤑ Stick to predefined topics⁣

Sticking to a content theme makes it easier to build out your content calendar. You might alternate between affirmations, fun facts and personal content while sticking to a rotating color scheme.⁣

⤑ Engage!

Encourage people to engage with you by actively asking them to. The best way to understand your customer is by starting a genuine conversation with them. ⁣

⤑ Add on-brand graphics ⁣

We’ve covered this topic extensively so you can check out our last posts for more information on how to best achieve this. ⁣

⤑ Be active ⁣

Answer all the comments you receive but comment on other posts as well. Instagram is an engagement platform and your participation matters. ⁣

Don't forget to keep track of important performance indicators and to take the time to interpret the results! ⁣

How many social channels do you have for your business? Are you equally active on all platforms? ⁣


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