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How to Intimately Know Your Ideal Customer

Have you been struggling to find your niche? Finding your niche and understanding your client is crucial in order to provide your ideal customer with the most value possible. ⠀

Here are 7 questions you need to answer in order to intimately know your ideal customer⠀

⚡What are your Ideal Customer biggest challenges and frustrations? ⠀

⚡What are their hopes and dreams? What does the future look like for your Ideal Customer? ⠀

⚡What are their deepest fears? ⠀

⚡What form of communication does your ideal customer prefer? Is it email? Phone calls? Direct messages? ⠀

⚡Where does your Ideal Customer hang out? Name both online & offline spaces⠀

⚡How does your Ideal Customer get their information? Where do they search for it? Online? In person? From friends?

⚡What language do they use? (Casual? Professional? Comical?)⠀

We go more in depth about how the answer to these questions can help you in your marketing strategy in our free ➡️no BS 33-page guide⬅️⠀

Did you get your copy yet? 🤗


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