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How to Merge Business & Spiritually: 5 Steps

If you’re a soulpreneur just getting started on your journey, you’ll want to keep reading. 👇⁣

There is no denying that we've been collectively going through a mass awakening and it's only normal that as we change and evolve, we'll want to change and improve the way we do business. ⁣

In this post, we’ll be covering 5 ways we've successfully merged ⤑ spirituality with ⤑ our business in order to create a harmonious work-life balance and show up authentically: ⁣


The easiest way to start aligning your business objectives with the spiritual world is by listening more carefully to your intuition - it never lies. So go after that opportunity or take a step back from another if your gut feeling is telling you to do so. ⁣


Do you choose your clients or do you work with anyone that comes through the pipeline? We’ve tried the latter for far too many months before we simply couldn’t afford to work with people that weren’t aligned to our purpose and vision. ⁣


We mean all day, all the time. Be mindful before and while you write that email, or lead that group coaching call. Mindfulness encourages us to be present has us giving our 110% to the people we serve. ⁣


This is not as vague as it sounds, as many start businesses out of ambition and not necessarily to help others. By looking inwardly and creating a balance between our personal ambitions and a sense of communal harmony we have created more good energy for the world around us. ⁣


There is no bigger enemy to man than indecision. In order to elevate our business and further align to our purpose, we set concrete goals for the short and long term and revisit them often. Your goals don’t have to be set in stone, but do have them. Not knowing where you’re going will always take you, well... nowhere. ⁣

This list is by no means complete & we'd LOVE your contribution. Tell us on our ig @byhabitatsociety how you've integrated spirituality in your own business we'll post the answers in our stories! ⁣


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