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How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Holistic Health Business

Did you just start your Instagram account and have no idea how to go about using it? 🤔

As Bob Dylan said “the times they are a-changin”. Gone are the days (for now) to meet clients face to face and impress them with your wit and charm alone. Today, even the savviest of entrepreneurs has no choice but to use social media in their marketing arsenal.

If you’ve been struggling to include the social media giant that is IG in your marketing efforts, save this post and refer back to it later.

Below are several ways in which your holistic health business can benefit from using Instagram to grow:

👉 Instagram allows for casual communication with your target audience

This means that while you CAN technically talk about anything and everything, you SHOULD talk about things/ideas/stories that bring you and your customer closer together.

👉 Your existing audience can help attract like minded individuals

Host giveaways, contests and share valuable content, and watch your audience become your biggest marketer.

👉 Use it learn more about your audience

When a certain post tanks or blows up, ask yourself why. Look at your audience with a critical eye and try to understand why they engage more with certain topics than others. This can help you plan for future posts and topics of discussion.

👉 Reach out to clients directly through dm’s

Take that casual tone we were talking about and reach out to your customer directly. Start a genuine relationship by bringing up common interests or draw attention to one of their posts you particularly enjoyed.

👉 Build a brand

Last but certainly not least, IG can help you take your brand to the next level. The very nature of Instagram allows you to test new creatives/ captions styles/ topics and understand how they translate to your target audience. By using IG as a research tool, you can learn more about your audience, faster than ever before. This allows you to build and grow the brand your customers actually want and need.

These are 5 simple ways in which any holistic wellness brand owner can use Instagram to grow their business.

As a business owner, which one of these methods do you use most often? 👩‍💻


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