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How to write great IG content - 6 Effective Tips for Beginners

Having a hard time writing copy content for your Instagram posts? ⁣Are you stuck with a beautiful picture, a content calendar full of great ideas but nothing seems to come to mind when you actually need to sit down and write?

We get it, writing content can be overwhelming. It may feel challenging to effectively sell your service and convince others of your merit. Remember, good copy has only one purpose: to encourage your audience to take action. ⁣

So how do you write good copy? 💭⁣

⇢ Do your research, BENCHMARK your competitors copy. Pick someone in your industry that’s been around for a while and is especially good at what they’re doing. What information do they choose to include? How is the public responding? Think about what elements you need to include in your own copy and learn from them. ⁣

⇢ Start with a PLAN. Be clear on what your copy needs to accomplish and what action you want a visitor to perform after reading. Lay out a plan of what information you need to include, where. This will avoid writing redundant information & reduces your chances of becoming overwhelmed

⇢ Tell a STORY to engage people. Storytelling is the best way to write copy that converts but it’s important to be concise. Always write with your ultimate goal in mind and don’t get carried away with the story. ⁣

⇢ Focus on BENEFITS not features. Features are surface statements about your service, such as what it can do, what system you’re using and so on. Benefits show the end result of what your service can actually accomplish, the transformation they’ll experience. ⁣

⇢ LESS is more. Think about your own behavior... how much of someone else's website copy do you read before you give up? Exactly. Don’t overwhelm your visitors by presenting them with a lot of text that reads like a novel.⁣

⇢ Maintain a casual VOICE. Jargon and industry specific terms do not need to make their way into your copy content, as it will only alienate your reader should they not know the term you’re using. 👽⁣

Follow these 6 tips to instantly improve your copy & content writing and don’t forget to EDIT! ⁣Editing is as important as the writing itself so have a friend read your content over before you hit the post button. And since we're on the topic of friends, mind sharing this article with one of yours? This way we can all help each other learn and grow our IG game at the same time too!

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