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Learn the 4 Stages of a Profitable Content Funnel

If you're just starting your business you're probably feeling a bit overwhelmed with the sheer amount of advice that pertains to marketing your new business online. We're here to simply the information for you and tell you only what you need to know to get started👇

Because modern consumers are savvy, it's very likely they’re checking multiple pieces of content across several sites before moving on from one stage of the buyer journey to the next. In order to get the sale you're after then, you must understand and plan your content accordingly for each of the 4 stages of the marketing funnel. If you have no idea what is a marketing funnel, read on.

What is a content marketing funnel

A content marketing funnel is simply the system that takes as many leads as possible through a step-by-step content roadmap, eventually converting them into customers.

With this in mind then, your job is to create the right content to answer your customer’s questions, at the stage they're most likely to be searching for answers.

This mean that every piece of content you create is an opportunity to bring a new lead closer to a sale or to inspire an existing customer to take action. Every piece of content you share, be it visual, informational or promotional should then aim to:

  1. Familiarize leads with your brand so they know you

  2. Engage your dream clients in meaningful ways to where they like you

  3. Maintain lasting relationships with existing clients so they grow to trust you

The four different stages of a marketing funnel

01. Attract

To start moving your ideal clients through the various stages of your marketing funnel, you need to attract them to your business. This is usually done by offering a valuable piece of content in the form of a free resource in exchange for their email.

Create a lead magnet that tackles a specific pressing problem your prospect is facing and for which you have the solution. Offer them the solution, or part of it, in order to showcase your authority on the subject.

02. Educate

Now that you have people who have opted in to hear from you, you need to educate and offer insights on other issues they may be facing. Send a weekly newsletter presenting them with more valuable information they can use it to further improve their situation.

03. Nurture

At this stage, your prospect has consumed your lead magnet, is opening your emails and is implementing your advice in their life and business. You can invite them to participate in conversations started on your other social channels in order to continue nurturing the new relationship. At this stage you can create real connections with some of the most important people in your target demographic.

04. Get them to act

A prospect can end up buying at any stage, but the pot of gold is at the end of the marketing funnel also known as the purchase stage. This is where prospects finally decide to buy the service or product because they know you, they trust your expertise and they see your value.

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