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Ottawa Reno Team is locally based construction company that caters to homeowners who are taking on the challenge of their first renovation. The vibrant, close-knit team expertly walk clients through each step of their renovation; creating a simple, streamlined process. Ottawa Reno Team focuses on enhancing the remodeling process while providing valuable, cost-effective services. Ottawa Reno Team’s passion for building and dedication to client happiness continues to exude through their craftsmanship and customer service day after day.




We started by creating a brand identity that is vibrant, welcoming, and captures the clever simplicity of Ottawa Reno team’s renovation process. Using a bold palette of teals and blues, clean iconography, and modern text we were able to develop a professional brand essence and a captivating custom logo.

iconography - color - type

Completed logo




Font: Futura Heavy



The business cards were designed to once again reflect the dynamic, approachable, and streamlined essence that is Ottawa Reno Team. Using our custom developed palette, we kept the design simple yet bold. In order to create a classic and refined look we used only two colors throughout the design, and affixed merely the logo to the front side of the card. The set square embedded within the ‘roof’ of the logo is a playful element that nods to the design aspect of Ottawa Reno Team’s construction process. These ruler lines are continued on the back side of the business cards and once again tastefully nod to the profession. 

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