3 Signs It’s Time for a Redesign

Over the past few years many of the businesses we’ve come to know and love have been undergoing a shift in the way they style and communicate their brand. This is because the top CEOs understand the importance of adjusting and/or re-positioning their brand in order to better serve this new generations of consumers. A brand re-design allows you to take a step back and revisit the foundations of your company, your company’s identity, as well as the market it intends to serve. If you feel like your brand has been stagnating, here are three signs it’s time to go back to the basics and turn the old into new:

Your Design is Outdated

The market is constantly changing, and customers’ expectations change with it. If you find that your current design is not impacting your audience the same way it did when you first implemented it, it might be time for an update. When embarking on a refresh, take time to evaluate which elements best reflect your business and resonate with your customers and build on those in order to maintain brand equity and client recognition.

You’re Not Targeting the Right Customers

Design is a valuable tool which can be used to effectively communicate your brands’ personality to your customers. Since we are extremely visual beings, it’s a simple yet powerful way to engage your desired clientele. If you find that your business is not attracting your ideal customer, it’s time to re assess your brand and marketing efforts. Your brand should be able to express clearly and meaningfully what your values are and who you serve.

You’re Growing

Now that your business is expanding, you’ve found that there are new markets and audiences you want to pursue. You now need to use re-branding in order to communicate and clarify the changes in target audience or scope. You can also use this opportunity to streamline all your marketing efforts to reflect the new changes.

Pro Tip: When thinking about redesigning your brand, go beyond the visual and consider your message and story.

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