The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Grid Layouts

Do you want to spice up your Instagram & look like a pro but don’t know where to start? START HERE!

Take a look at these 5 types of feed patterns that are visually engaging and work well for Instagram.


Photos and quotes are alternating to create a checkerboard pattern. The quotes allow you to assert your color palette and define a look. Instead of quotes you can also add tips, blog post introductions or any other resources.


Allows you to easily break up your feed, each row can showcase different aesthetics or colors. However this feed is preferable for those who post 3 times a day to ensure that the feed always looks its best.


This feed follows the pattern photo, quote, photo. It allows you to showcase a quote (or other resource) while being framed by photographs on either side


This is a great feed option for those who create a lot of content but don't take as many photographs. In this grid you can display lots of resources / quotes while drawing attention to the photos that you do take


Puzzle grids are super fun and allow you to display artistic elements and even illustrations within your feed. When aligned, your feed looks like a playful collage.

For our own feed, we use a combination of the checkerboard and group of three. Check it out at and let us if you think we're doing a good job!

What’s your favorite type of grid?

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