Saha Psychotherapy

Saha is a welcoming, diverse & vibrant practice where clients explore vulnerability with self-compassion and support in a safe environment. Saha needed a brand and web presence that oozed sleek professionalism while feeling natural and gentle.

Website Design, Branding, Business Card Design


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Explore your thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and relationships in a safe and compassionate therapeutic environment

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Catherine Gendron, founder of Saha Psychotherapy 


I initially reached out to Habitat Society for a simple website but what they provided exceeded my expectations. At first I only wanted a website to increase my credibility as a professional but the information and guidance they shared made me realize how much marketing can help my business grow. A daunting task quickly became an opportunity that I could not wait to pursue further. During our initial consultation they helped me start this overwhelming process by helping recognize elements crucial to building a business and helped me turn Saha Psychotherapy into something exciting and inspiring.

Habitat Society has helped me create a focus and a brand that is unique to me and special to my clients. With their expertise, they made me realize that growing a practice means more than obtaining new referrals; it includes creating a brand that can offer guidance and tools to a wider population by using innovative strategies outside of therapy sessions. They went above and beyond to help me grow my practice in ways I had never considered and I will be forever grateful for their support. Their work ethics and knowledge are exceptional and collaborating with them has been a fun and wonderful experience. What started as a plain website building project has developed into branding and marketing strategies that I will be able to use for the rest of my career.

I recommend Habitat Society’s services for anyone looking to grow their business, regardless of where they are in the process. These ladies will walk alongside you and offer their guidance in a way that will make you feel comfortable the entire time. They’re going to meet you where you are and help you grow personally and professionally.

I am eager to continue collaborating with Habitat Society as it’s been a life changing experience.

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