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  • Vanessa B. | Wellness Website Designer

SEO for Beginners - Learn What You Really Need to Know

What the heck is SEO anyway?🤔⁣

If all you know is that you need to work on it... keep reading

Search Engine Optimization may sound complicated, technical, and downright boring 👎 but in essence, it’s simply the way a search engine will crawl and rank your site & the content within, in its results. ⁣

Why does it matter where you rank? ⁣

✓ In theory, the higher your search engine ranking, the more visible your business is, hence the more traffic your website gets. ⁣

✗ In reality, however, your ranking means nothing unless your website contains valuable information to offer its visitors. ⁣

How can you work with SEO, offer valuable content and attract ideal clients? ⁣

⤍ Start by creating content that people care about ⁣

The best way to improve your SEO is to create content that people actually want to consume. Offering value through evergreen blog posts and resources that will pay dividends for years to come as well as knowing your audience and having a solid content strategy. ⁣

⤍ Focus on your local community ⁣

It’s easier to achieve local high search engine ranking. If your business operates mostly within your community or has a physical location, a Google My Business listing is a must. ⁣

⤍ Ask for backlinks ⁣

Whenever you collaborate with peers or participate in events, ask for a backlink. Backlinks raise your domain authority and improve your ranking over time.⁣

⤍ Optimize your website ⁣

On each page of your website, you’ll have the option to edit the page’s SEO Title and SEO Description.⁣

⤍ On keywords ⁣

In recent years most search engines, including Google, have chosen to completely ignore keywords for search ranking because they are too easy to rig. ⁣

However, keywords can be used to specifically clarify the purpose on a web page and can be included in your regular content, blog posts etc. We suggest focusing on long-tail keywords that represent your niche. This is a particularly great opportunity for new coaches as new terms and jargon rise in popularity within the wellness community. ⁣

Don't waste your valuable time going down the rabbit hole of SEO tricks. As long as you understand the above concepts you're good to go until you grow enough to need an SEO expert.

To finish, SEO is an especially big opportunity for small businesses operating in new niches. For us working in the wellness community, we've noticed that many of our clients are making use of new techniques, interests and lifestyle alternatives. If they focus their energy on creating content around these new trending terms, they have the potential to fronting an entire movement through the power of SEO.

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