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  • Business + Loyalty Card Design

  • Website Design

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Shoe + Shoe is a children’s shoe store offering a wide selection of footwear, apparel and unique toys. Shoe + Shoe is located in the heart of the Glebe and is carefully curated with brands from all over the globe.  Just like owner Liuba, the brand feels warm yet effortlessly poised. We worked with Shoe + Shoe to create eye-catching business and loyalty cards, as well as a web design that exuded fun yet was displayed in a clean, organized manner.

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business + loyalty card design

The direction of the business + loyalty cards was that of understated charm. We wanted to create a card that felt professional with a hint of whimsicality. The front side of each respective card was kept simplistic, while the backside features youthful pops of yellow. This delicate balance of professionalism and playfulness is the essence of the Shoe + Shoe brand, and was achieved through the manipulation of color and shapes.


web design

As an extension of the brand, the Shoe + Shoe website needed to feel exuberant while allowing shoppers to browse in an organized fashion. In order to efficiently serve users, we added custom filters to the product pages, allowing users to browse footwear by size, price, gender, and brand. The design was kept looking youthful and fresh, accented by bold, modern fonts and lively pops of yellow and blue.

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