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Learn How To Turn Visitors Into Leads With Strategic Layout Design

As we’re heading into the spring months, we know a lot of you will be spending more time thinking about your new website! Maybe you’re getting closer to finishing your coaching program and you’re getting your certification🎉! Maybe you’ve been working for a while and it’s finally time to tackle an important brand project. ⁣🧑‍🎨

We also know that a lot of you are struggling with resistance when it comes to hiring a web designer. We understand, a lot of our clients have experienced poor services in the past or have even tried to build a site themselves. ⁣

Trust us when we say, website development is no easy task to achieve but with a little planning ahead, the process becomes a lot easier. We’ve created this helpful carousel for all you planners that like to start ahead! ⁣

Save this post and use it as a foundation for your web design strategy. ⁣


We’ve seen too many websites where the header text is either left blank or the message is too vague. This is the first glimpse a visitor gets of what you do, make it impactful as it serves as a deciding factor in whether they continue browsing or bounce ⁣


Be very clear about what you do, don’t let people guess or wonder. We always believe it’s better to offer as much information as necessary for the client to decide whether to contact you.⁣


Tell them who you are! A potential client will always choose a health coach they like, over one they don’t know anything about. Healing is a personal matter and connecting with your customers is paramount. ⁣


There is nothing that could increase credibility more easily than proof of past experience. Show them the transformation you were able to bring about in your customers lives so they can start identifying themselves with the possibility of healing. ⁣


Think about what goals you want to achieve with the help of your website. Now pick only one goal and write your entire page’s message with that one goal in mind. Use this for your CTAs and journey transitions. ⁣

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