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Soulful Branding - How to Build a Purpose Driven Business

Soulful brands are all about making an emotional connection. Purpose driven businesses connect to the essence of what it means to be human; they're not just about selling a product. They have meaning, they have a story, and they share their story in creative ways.

And while this might sound like some jargon that doesn't apply to your small business, you may be surprised to learn that this is actually one of the most important steps towards building a successful company. If you feel like your company is lacking spirit or identity (or if you don't know what that even means), then here's how to get started down the soulful branding path.

In this article we'll cover

What is a Soulful Brand

How to Create a Soulful Brand

Step 1- Clarity of Purpose

Step 2- Looking Beyond the Service

Step 3- Creating Something New

Step 4- Messaging

Step 5- Being of Service to Others

What is soulful branding?

Simply put, soulful branding is about creating a meaningful relationship between your brand and your customers. It's about telling a story that your customers will relate to and be inspired by, and finding ways to make that story as transparent as possible.

A business with soul knows what its reason for being is, and actively communicates its mission to all. The simplest way to do this is by incorporating your mission into your product or service itself- making it part of the essential DNA of the company. And in order to clearly communicate what your mission is, you need to know who you are, why you're here, why your business exists... and above all, who you're here for.

Being able to answer these questions is important on two levels:

  1. Your company will be stronger and more resilient if you can clearly state what your mission is- it's not just a random thing that you decide to do one day

  2. It will help your customers trust and care about you more if they know that you have a bigger purpose.

Once you've figured out what it means to be the soulful version of your business, then the next step (and the easier one) is figuring out how to get there.

How to Create a Soulful Brand

1- Get crystal clear on who you are and why you're doing this

One of the best ways achieve clarity of purpose is to go on a soul-seeking mission, or a journey of self-discovery. It doesn't have to be some big ordeal- just lots of time and space (and perhaps a journal) for you to dig into why you started your business in the first place, and how it fits in with your life goals.

Write down what you want your customers to get out their interaction with your business. What makes your product or service different from the other options that are out there?

Ask yourself: how does my service make my customers feel? How does it help them live their life more fully? Think about what do all your customers have in common and write that down. Try to establish connections between your mission and their lifestyles.

Once you do this, revisit your brand values, too. What do you stand for? Who do you want to become, and how?

Remember that your customers are not just buying a product (or an experience) but they are investing in who you are as a business and your purpose as a whole. By clearly articulating what your brand is, you allow them the space to discover more of who THEY are.

2 - Look at your products and services as more than just another commodity

If you want to have soul in your business, then you have to start viewing yourself as a service that has something extremely valuable to offer.

When you find yourself thinking of your product or service in terms of its price, then try to re-frame it as what it means for the people you serve. What can you achieve together with your customers? How can you help them?

See your product or service not just as a way to make money, but as a way to share something special with people. You don't have to make things cheap or free in order to be soulful, but it's important to continue to entertain the thought that what you're doing has meaning and is worth putting out there, because it helps people. This self-awareness and confidence will show in the way you present yourself and your business and will ensure that your customers feel the the passion behind what you do.

And the best part? Because the soul of you brand will radiate through everything you do, your customers will come back knowing you're happy to share your gifts with them!

3. Come up with a unique way to deliver your promise

This is one of the most important steps in creating soulful branding, because it's where you can turn the experiences you want people to have into something tangible. If you're having trouble finding inspiration for what your company stands for, take a look at how other brands have turned their passions into a lifestyle.

Take a look at Boss Babe or Mel Wells - these brands are great examples of how soulful women can create an entire culture around their products, services & raisons d'êt