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Starting a coaching blog? Read this first

Let's face it, no matter what industry you’re in, you already know that blogging is a crucial way to stay relevant.

As a coach, your blog is the perfect place to share your message and show off your expertise. And because it's one of the first places a potential lead will land on, you really want to get this part of content marketing right.

But not all blogs are created equal, and many don't really work. The reasons they don't work varies from blog to blog but it's usually a combination of a few different factors such as: lack of commitment / sporadic posting schedule, no clear content purpose, lack of focus or no strategy when it comes to measuring growth.

If you find yourself wondering what you're doing wrong or you're feeling frustrated with the apparent lack of progress, don't despair. Blogging can work for you too, when you have the right formula.

A well working blog can bring you tremendous success as a couch and in this post we'll discuss the winning formula to get you going on your journey.

In this article we'll cover

Why You Need a Blog

The Winning Formula

Why you need to commit to blogging

Traffic sources to be aware of

Why you need to set a single goal

What content you need to share

Key Takeaways

Why it's important to nail your coaching blog strategy

Online businesses need one major thing to be successful - traffic. Blogging is a great way to bring in the right kind of traffic, consistently and long-term.

You can still grow your coaching business without a blog, if you have regular traffic coming to your website. You can rely on paid ads, referral sources or your social network to spread the word about your services. But just like blogging, all of these marketing tactics still need one important thing: a lot of quality content on your site.

The best way to share quality content is through your coaching blog. You can create an ever-green content funnel packed with valuable information that can be used across multiple different marketing campaigns.

The days of a visitor booking your services after seeing just 1 landing page are long gone, and today's savvy consumers need at least 6 or 7 points of contact before considering doing business with you.

The best way you can rely on your content to deliver your message consistently to a primed audience is through your coaching blog.

To recap, it's important for you to get blogging right because:

  • Blogging brings traffic to your website

  • Blogging builds trust and authenticity

Now let's take a look at the winning formula when creating a successful coaching blog.

Step 1 - Commit yourself to blogging

Consistency and regular posting times are vital to the health of your coaching blog. If you don't like writing but have the resources, we strongly recommend outsourcing this task to someone experienced.

The hallmark of a successful blog is the amount of high quality content it can generate, and if you don't like writing then chances are you won't be very prolific.

Updating your blog only when you feel like it won't cut it. It won't give you satisfactory results, and you'll be left thinking that blogging just doesn't work for you. This is not the case.

Blogging is a long-term content strategy and as such requires patience, dedication & commitment to the task.

Consistency is the best way to increase readership, and you would be surprised how quickly a content marketing strategy with a consistent posting schedule can pick up momentum.

All it takes is one blog post that works (blended in with other highly successful posts) and you'll be generating traffic and new leads on a regular basis.

Step 2 - Identify the main traffic sources to your blog