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Understanding Visual Hierarchy in Digital Design

Are you designing your own Instagram posts? Then this post is for you! We’re talking about 👉🏼the rules of visual hierarchy👈🏼 ⠀

Ensure that your message is displayed clearly by following the guidelines below👇🏽

Clearly, the easiest way to make an element stand out is by enlarging it and scaling it in comparison to other objects... but then what? ⠀

How do the other elements of your design relate to the post as a whole? What text should you display where?⠀

Luckily for us, most designs can be successful by implementing the three to four levels of typography hierarchy!

Once you learn the three levels of visual hierarchy you'll have a strong foundation for all of your future design work. This means that your message will always be displayed beautifully and clearly! ⠀


This primary type is often the typography on the page with the most visual weight, such as main headers or display quotes. The purpose of primary type is to bring readers into the overall design.⠀


As a secondary type this content is everything else that is not the main content. This can include captions, subheadings and navigational or static type elements.⠀

Level 3: MAIN BODY

At the third level we'll find the body of the text. One thing to remember about the third level copy: It must be readable. Little else matters when it comes to the design style of this type level.⠀

Apart from dramatic size differences, there are other ways through which you can create contrast between the three levels. In fact, good design is all about contrast. In order to create a clear difference between the style of your heading and body copy you can adjust the following: ⠀

- Type⠀

- Layout ⠀

- Color⠀

- Shape⠀

- Scale ⠀

Will these tips influence the way you design?


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