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Valuable Tools for New Coaches

Just started your coaching business? Overwhelmed with all the online tools you could use? Keep reading this post for the best online tools to manage and grow your health & wellness coaching business.

Table of Contents

Tools for Payment

Tools for Client Management

Tools for Email Marketing

Tools for Social Media Automation

─── PAYMENT───

⤑ Paypal

One of the best known and most commonly accepted online payment tools is PayPal. This easy-to-use option allows you to send a link to collect payment from your customers & its worldwide popularity makes it highly likely that your clients already know how to use it.

⤑ Stripe

Stripe is another well-known payment platform already available in 39 countries that makes it easy for you to accept credit card payments using all major payment cards.

The Difference?

While both companies charge commission on all payments, Paypal is more widely available than Stripe.


⤑ Hellosign

Make it as easy as possible for your clients to sign up with you with Hellosign. This tool allows you & your clients to sign contracts electronically, with the click of a button.

⤑ Calendly

Need a booking calendar? Check out Calendly! The app lets your clients book meetings with you, without all the back and forth emails. You set up your calendar, choose your available times, & your clients can choose when to book you according to the time slots available.

⤑ Accuity

Much like Calendly, Accuity also lets your customers book you according to your availability but it goes a bit further and can act more like a personal assistant with a range of tools perfect for business administration, including allowing you to accept payments, create customer reservations, & more.

Which one should you use?

Calendly is simple & straightforward and has a great free plan. Acuity offers many more options & automations for a small monthly fee & is intended for business owners that know they want to grow. Both tools let you connect with your zoom account, which is invaluable for meetings now.

We really wanted to explore more useful online tools perfect for any coach that just starting, such as Email Marketing, SMM, Photos & Design, Webinars etc, but WE RAN OUT OF SPACE 😅



⤑ MailChimp⁣⠀


MailChimp is a marketing automation platform and email marketing service. It offers a free plan (for up to 2000 subscribers) & great analytics but keep in mind that they do not offer direct support for their free plan and it does take some time to figure it out. ⁣⠀


⤑ Mailerlite⁣⠀


Mailerlite has a free plan for up to 1000 subscribers. It is an email marketing tool that is powerful, simple to use, and with a clean design.⁣⠀


The difference? ⁣⠀


While both tools are a good match as they offer a free plan, each has specific features not found in the other. Mailerlite offers more features in terms of automation while Mailchimp allows you to easily integrate a paypal button. ⁣⠀