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Website Template or Custom Design? Know the Difference!

Trying to decide between buying a template or getting your website custom built? ⁣

Let’s examine the differences 🤔🤷🏼‍♀️⁣


👆🏼 These websites are specifically created for your business and there is a rigorous process of discovery in order to achieve success. It’s not just about fonts, colors, and logos (though these are important, too). A great design agency will spend time conducting creative sessions until we really understand your business, your customers, and what your goals are for your site. ⁣

― Longer development process (6 - 8 weeks)⁣

― Optimized for SEO during development ⁣

― Unique design, adapted to your company’s needs ⁣

― You have the ongoing support of your website team ⁣

― Scalable as your business grows ⁣

― Require a larger investment ⁣

CHOOSE A CUSTOM SITE when you’re ready have experts take care of the development while you focus on running and building your business.⁣


👆🏼 Templates are the most common way to start a website and they’re great for anyone that’s tech savvy and doesn’t mind a bit of diy. You can set up your website fast and the designer framework that’s already in place will help you navigate your way to a successful launch. ⁣

― Shorter development process⁣

― Smaller upfront investment ⁣

― You’re able to visualize the end result before you invest ⁣

― The already made structure provides content guidelines ⁣

― They’re designer made and therefore optimized for conversion and tailored to your target audience ⁣

CHOOSE A TEMPLATE if you’re looking to set up your site fast, don’t mind a bit of diy and love the chance to experience a site before you buy. ⁣


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