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  • Vanessa B. | Wellness Website Designer

What is a Logo Variation & Does Your Brand Need One?

Your brand only needs one logo, right? Wrong─── well, kind of.

While it’s true that your brand has one primary logo, you may notice many logo packages include logo variations.

A ∷ LOGO VARIATION ∷ is essentially your primary logo, ⤑ re-imagined & ⤑ re-designed in different formats. You want to have logo variations as they allow your brand flexibility. Depending on the design purpose or format, a different variation can be used, while still maintaining your overall brand aesthetic.

To illustrate this further, think of it this way, a horizontal logo ⋯ is ideal for your website header, however a stacked ∷ layout format is better suited for your social media channels. You can also discuss different applications with your designer to further understand which version should be used, where.

A ∷ SUBMARK ∷ is a simplified version of your logo, used in situations when the main logo is not the best fit. It is visually similar to your primary logo, but paired back with less detail. Submarks are often used for things like social media, stamps, website favicons and any other small applications your specific industry might require.

Does your logo come in different variations? Do you wish it did? For what purpose do you use the variations?


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