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Where to Find FREE High Quality Images to Use on Your Instagram

Gone are the days of (re)posting blurred out, irrelevant imagery! ⠀

Browse unsplash, pexels or pixabay to find high resolution imagery that attracts and engages your target audience! ⠀


Unsplashed offers a wide gallery of beautiful, free images and photos that you can download and use for any project. With an account you can save you favorite images and come back later to use them.


We love Pexels because it also offers high quality free stock video! Pexels also allows you to create collections so you can organize your work for separate projects, access every photo you've ever downloaded. Follow photographers you love and experience a curated homepage with the most recent work from your favorites.


Pixabay hosts a vibrant community of creatives, sharing copyright free images, videos and music. Out of all three sites, we use Pixabay the least but sometimes we do find unique images not shared elsewhere.

Here's a couple of extra tips to consider when choosing imagery for your brand: ⠀

✔️ Choose images that feature people and shows their faces. Your audience connects better & understands the message that's being communicated better when it's accompanied by a facial expression⠀

✔️Stick to a theme! Try to use imagery that evoke the same mood so that your audience starts associating certain types of images with your brand ⠀

✔️Be conscious of where the image is being posted and adjust the image proportions accordingly so that your image always displays right⠀

Are you already using these resources or something better? Leave us a comment and share the knowledge! #byhabitatsociety


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